Michael Paul Miller: The Human Survival Instinct

Michael Paul Miller‘s art explores the human ability to persevere, adapt and survive, especially when the path is perilous and the end is bleak.  (Above: The Calling, 2007)

‘The Migration’ (above, 2011) is an example of the tenacious humans he paints.

My work explores the sublimity of existence through a post-apocalyptic environment emblematic of death, disaster, and desolation, without abandoning subtle indications of hope and beauty. – Artist Statement

-Devotion, 2007

Miller says he is fascinated by human perseverance.   He identifies it as an ennobling characteristic, a “primordial instinct and necessity of life,” a theme reflected in his work.

Red Tide (2003, one of his early works)

-No More, 2008

His post-apocalyptic themes cover all manner of disasters.  One of his reviews notes that  “Miller’s canvases continue the traditions of history painting with imagined scenes from a dystopian future spreading from the Heartland.

In Miller’s words:  This deconstructive setting is a harrowing and plausible circumstance that allows for an open-ended inquiry into the bewildering human condition, and enables the subject matter to address an extensive range of contemporary issues.

Michael Paul Miller’s website, here.

His biography, here.

Michael Paul Miller on SaatchiOnline, here.

3 Responses to “Michael Paul Miller: The Human Survival Instinct”
  1. I appreciate your interest in the subject and my work. Thanks for the write up.

    • Your art is so superb. It was originally The Migration that caught my attention, and then I dove into the rest of your pieces. Really beautiful. Thank you.

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