VIDEO: Apocalypse Rhyme – A Typographical Poem

This short work from British filmmaker, artist and animator Oliver Harrison is powerful – and nominated for Best Motion Graphics in the 2014 British Animation Awards. Harrison describes it as “a black and white, kaleidoscopic, multi-layered, hyper-kinetic typographical poem.”

Using the letters of the word APOCALYPSE, Harrison explores areas of life that have been eroded by recent events:  war, the degradation of the environment, the rise of corporate greed. The film suggests a quiet “apocalypse” has already occurred, affecting all of us.

  • Poem, animation and soundtrack by Oliver Harrison, commissioned by Animate Projects, with Lupus Films.
  • Oliver Harrison’s biography, here.
  • His home page, here.
2 Responses to “VIDEO: Apocalypse Rhyme – A Typographical Poem”
  1. I really wanted to ‘like’ this but I am unable to ‘like’ posts for some reason. Just wanted to say I thought it was brilliant!

  2. So thanks for taking the time to leave the comment, instead of the like. I also thought it was wonderful. BTW, I’ve been looking on the WP forums and there apparently is a big problem with the “likes” system right now – not sure exactly what’s up.

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