Apocalypse Evolution: The Four Horsemen

Low Flying – Norman Catherine (South Africa)

In this artist’s words:  Low-flying represents a visionary daydream/nightmare of carnivorous creatures, reminiscent of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, sowing the seeds of destruction and devouring everything in their path, angels of Death accompanying them. I can’t think of another apocalypse theme that has engaged artists so thoroughly than the Four Horsemen.  Here are a few other good examples. They take all forms.

Above: Low Flying. 1988. From a series of six drypoints with watercolor additions.  Artist’s proof before the edition of 25. The Museum of Modern Art, New York.


From Philippines artist Shilo on deviantArt

Jaime Torres, pencil & digital color

Book Cover, from Reality Studio

The two above are from the online site of artist Marie Meier

Mick Sheldon – Hand-colored woodblock print (Diptych) | 1996

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