Anja Hemmingsen: Natural Disasters

Danish artist Anja Hemmingsen’s acrylics on canvas originate in natural disasters, such as Tsunami II (above) and Tsunami I (below). Her reconstructed realities are inspired by photos, postcards and magazine and book clippings. Advertisements

Rene McGinnis: Impending Disasters

Renee McGinnis creates the ominous threat of impending disasters in these allegorical paintings, from her Empirical Eternity series.

Angela Mercedes Donna Otto: Disaster Sketchbook

Angela Mercedes Donna Otto of Germany filled a sketchbook with images of disaster, created in coffee and tea. The message of her art is that “disaster is a beginning . . .a chance to grow, disaster is change and evolution.” Have a look at the whole series here.  Or visit her website, here.