Apocalypse Evolution: The Four Horsemen

Low Flying – Norman Catherine (South Africa) In this artist’s words:  Low-flying represents a visionary daydream/nightmare of carnivorous creatures, reminiscent of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Advertisements

What your zodiac sign would do on doomsday

Here is a taste of how a clever young artist illustrated the 12 signs of the zodiac to scope what each astrological personality would do to adapt at the end of the world. 

VIDEO: Apocalypse Rhyme – A Typographical Poem

This short work from British filmmaker, artist and animator Oliver Harrison is powerful – and nominated for Best Motion Graphics in the 2014 British Animation Awards. Harrison describes it as “a black and white, kaleidoscopic, multi-layered, hyper-kinetic typographical poem.” Using the letters of the word APOCALYPSE, Harrison explores areas of life that have been eroded … Continue reading

Climate Apocalypse in Late Century Modern Style

Flemish artist Guy Mangelschots represents life after a climate apocalypse in these figurative paintings, done in late century modern style.  

Pompeii: Decadence, Apocalypse & Resurrection

Andy Warhol’s Mount Vesuvius is one of the works about the AD 79 eruption featured in The Last Days of Pompeii – Decadence, Apocalypse, Resurrection at the J. Paul Getty Villa in Malibu.