Rene McGinnis: Impending Disasters

Renee McGinnis creates the ominous threat of impending disasters in these allegorical paintings, from her Empirical Eternity series. Advertisements

What your zodiac sign would do on doomsday

Here is a taste of how a clever young artist illustrated the 12 signs of the zodiac to scope what each astrological personality would do to adapt at the end of the world. 

Marco Matteucci’s Doomsday Photography

Italian photographer Marco Matteucci named this textured photo “Doomsday,” perhaps irresistible to the attuned psyche.  Its darkness is offset by a subsequent shot infused with light, part of his Through the Viewfinder series. Above: Echoes / Below: Escape from Darkness

2012 isn’t the End of the World

Artist Daniel Fishel’s magazine illustration is a great example of the hundreds of works produced each time there are jitters about doomsday, whether it’s the Mayan Prophecy (disproved recently, see here) or nuclear proliferation. The column that accompanies Fishel’s artwork is also worth a read, here.

Reality TV’s Last Family on Earth

Never underestimate the power of reality TV.  The Spike network is running a “Last Family on Earth” competition for a spot in one of the Vivos network’s underground bunkers.  The finale occurs Dec. 21, the date the Mayan civilization allegedly predicted an apocalypse.  (See apocalypse debunked, in this previous post) Vivos is a global network … Continue reading