2012 isn’t the End of the World

Artist Daniel Fishel’s magazine illustration is a great example of the hundreds of works produced each time there are jitters about doomsday, whether it’s the Mayan Prophecy (disproved recently, see here) or nuclear proliferation. The column that accompanies Fishel’s artwork is also worth a read, here. Advertisements

No worries: Mayan calendar went far past 2012

A discovery in the rubble of a studio for royal scribes with a taste for art should settle down talk of doomsday.  A team of U.S. archeologists excavating the ruins of a Mayan city in remote Guatemala have found calendars discrediting the idea that the Mayans predicted an apocalypse in December 2012. Writings on the … Continue reading

Documentary: Apocalypse Guru Patrick Geryl

Patrick Geryl believes the world will end, as the Mayan Prophecy predicts, on 21.12.12.  This short documentary by Mark Evenden, Alex Cook and Alex Osborn focuses on Geryl to examine the profitability of  end-of -the-world predictions. Related articles Etap yachts recast as life rafts for apocalypse (sfgate.com) My doomsday tab: $130K on bunkers, guns and more … Continue reading

Just in Case: A Designer Survival Kit for the Apocalypse

The Mexican agency MENOSUNOCEROUNO created this Apocalypse style survival kit to cover off the possibility that the Mayan prophecy for the end of the world will come true as predicted this year. Called Just in Case, and produced happily tongue-in-cheek, the kit has the requisite matches, water, knife and other essentials. But it also has … Continue reading

Infographic: Doomsday 101

It’s unusual to find infographics that speak to eschatology, the study of the end times. But this visual from Live Science does the trick.  It’s a primer on how the world might end.