Artist Keith Haring’s AIDS Apocalypse

haring-apocalypse-seriesWhen the late renowned artist Keith Haring was diagnosed with AIDS in 1988, he collaborated with author William S. Burroughs on this Apocalypse series, which offers an insight into Haring’s personal struggle with the disease.  He died in 1990. Click on images of the individual pieces to see the text, by Burroughs.

Keith-Haring_apocalypse_installationFrom an exhibition of Apocalypse works in Brazil

haring_apocalypse10Apocalypse 10

haring-apocalypse-7Apocalypse 7

haring-apocalypse5Apocalypse 5

Keith Haring 1988 works, including the Apocalypse series (click on editions), here.

A one-page biography of Keith Haring, here.

The Keith Haring Foundation Facebook page, here.

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